The Cup of Wisdom coven is a lineaged Gardnerian group with its roots stretching back to Gerald Gardner, the founder of our tradition. As such, we continue to practise within the framework that the Gardnerian tradition offers. Gardnerian Wicca is an initiatory mystery tradition with an emphasis on experiential and magical practice, passed on in person. Our coven home is based in East Cork, Ireland.

Cup of Wisdom is a relatively international coven, with members in multiple European countries. The coven is open to new members who live abroad, provided they are able to make the commitment to travel to Ireland at least four times per year.

Coven Ethos
Every coven is autonomous, and is very much a reflection of its members. We represent a range of ages, sexualities, professions, family structures, genders, and educational backgrounds. We are most homogeneous in our politics, which though varying in nuanced ways from member to member, lean unapologetically to the left. We recognize and celebrate the inherently subversive and feminist nature of witchcraft. There are covens who leave politics at the door; we do not.

Our gods don’t discriminate and neither do we. Our coven is open to people of any sexual orientation, gender identity, race, ethnicity, body type, or economic status. If you are called to the gods of Gardnerian Wicca, find meaning in our traditional symbolism and practices, and want to experience the Mysteries in the company of a diverse group of like-minded people, you are welcome. If you are misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic, racist, classist, ableist – in short, a bigot of any persuasion – you won’t find a welcome here.

Gardnerian Community
The Cup of Wisdom coven is an active member of the wider Gardnerian community, with an emphasis of developing friendships and celebrating the diversity of practice that is found in our community. We enjoy traveling to meet our overseas family, as well as hosting for them here in Ireland.

Sophia Boann
Sophia Boann is the High Priestess of the Cup of Wisdom coven. She has been active in the Gardnerian tradition since 1990, and founded the coven in 2007. Originally having grown up between the Netherlands and England, she has firmly planted deep roots in Ireland. She is an unapologetic queer feminist with a strong Jewish background, with an interest in magical Jewish practice and Gardnerian Craft history. She also enjoys writing, making things, growing things in her garden, taming her goats, and herding her cats and her four children.

Jackdaw is a Gardnerian initiate and member of Cup of Wisdom. Her interests include Irish mythology and folklore, gardening, collecting too many books, crochet and chatting over a cup of tea.
She is also a devotee of An Morrígan and an Irish Polytheist.